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Welcome to Berkeley’s best costume, gift, party, and novelty shop.  As a local, independent business we carry a hand picked selection of cool, unique, and classic stuff – everything from party hats, to tutus, to  coffee mugs, and stickers.  Come by the store to see the latest arrivals!

4th of July!

Check out Party Heaven’s 4th of July decorations and costume items. Remember, the store will be closed that day (Friday), so get your stuff early and don’t miss out!

SF Pride is Coming Soon!

SF Pride is June 28th and 29th.  Party Heaven has great items to show off your spirit.  Stop by the store to see our best selection of costumes and legwear EVER.  You won’t be dissapointed:

Imagine the possibilities!

We Have A Changing Room!

Want to make sure your costume looks good before you buy?  No problem, bring your items up front we’ll open them for you and let you try them on.  Party Heaven sells costumes and accessories year-round.


People seem to really love these egg-shaped decorations.

Party Heaven has the packs of balloons you inflate yourself, but we also have a helium tank onsite.  If you want an order of helium balloons you can pick from any color latex (‘regular’) balloon or choose a mylar (‘metallic’) type in many different designs – usually with a message.

If you only need a few balloons just stop by the store, but if you need a dozen or more you should call us at 510-540-7914 to order them in advance.

Knickknacks & Gifts!

Even before Party Heaven became the East Bay’s best year round costume shop, we were the place to get cool, unique gifts – and we still are.

Just like our costume and legwear, each item is hand picked – giving us a selection you will find no where else.  Socks?  Check.  Lollipops with crickets inside?  Check.  3D inflatable turkey?  Check.  Plus lots of other great items:

Hats and Masks!

Hats and masks can be costumes unto themselves, or just the final piece.  Here is just a small sampling of the styles we carry.

Unlike those big box and pop-up stores, we sell costumes and accessories year-round, and our whole collection is hand picked from top vendors.  We want you to be happy with your costume.  Have any questions?  Want to see something out of its package?  Or try it on?  Bring the item up front we will be happy to open it, let you try it on, and make sure it fits in the changing room.

There’s no need to cross the Bay to get your costume stuff: