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About The Store

What is Party Heaven?

Party Heaven is a real-deal independent business owned and operated in Berkeley by Berkeleyans since 1978. The store used to be named Paper Heaven, located on Shattuck in downtown Berkeley and sold cards, funny t-shirts and Beanie Babies. However we moved up to Bancroft and then changed our product mix and name to Party Heaven. This summer 2018 we moved from Bancroft to our current location on Telegraph Avenue next to the University of California (Cal Berkeley) campus.  Thanks to our many loyal customers from years past and to new folks who come in everyday for supporting us!

How do I get to your store?

Party Heaven is located at 2333 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704. We are located less than a block from the University of California and Sproul Plaza. Check out our map here.

Where should I park?

Street parking is available, mostly on our bordering streets like Durant or Bancroft but make sure you pay that meter – Berkeley has the SEAL Team Six of parking enforcement working the area. Our area (Telegraph Ave) is often busy and has many delivery trucks. If you see a spot a block or two away, take it! We recommend the Channing/Durant Public Garage located off of Telegraph one block away!

What is your sales policy?

Most gift items are returnable within 7 days if they are unopened and if you have the receipt. All COSTUMES, COSTUME ACCESSORIES (including but not limited to: Hats, WIGS,tutus, Masks, Weapons, Wings, Makeup, Glasses, Jewelry) hosiery, lingerie, seasonal items, & sale items are final sale (no returns, no exchanges).
We accept cash and credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX). We regret we do not accept Personal Checks, Traveler’s Checks, or Discover.

Can I buy something I see on your website?

Party Heaven is strictly a brick-and-mortar retailer. The items featured on the website are meant to give you an idea of what we carry, but your best bet is to come into the store as our stock changes frequently and we get new items in all the time.

Are dogs allowed in the store? What about eating food and taking photos?

Dogs (friendly dogs) are always welcome in Party Heaven. Food and picture taking are not.

Costume Questions

Can I see this item out of its package? Can I try it on?

Yes, but DO NOT open it yourself – that is what we are here for. Because costume items are a final sale, we want you to be happy before you leave the store. With a very few exceptions, we will open items that you bring to the front counter and let you try them on. We have a changing room if you want to try on a full costume. If you want to try on a wig you will have to buy a wig cap for $1.95 (but when you buy the wig we give you a $1.00 discount for getting the wig cap).

Do you rent costumes?

Nope, we only sell them. Please go to Costumes on Haight in San Francisco to rent.

Does Party Heaven celebrate Halloween?

YES. Party Heaven carries a full selection of costumes and accessories year-round, but each September we completely transform the store into Berkeley’s best costume spot!

Do you sell kids costumes?

We do carry a selection of kids’ costumes but please call ahead if you are after something specific – we will be happy to check over the phone and save you the trip in the event we do not have what you need. Also keep in mind, many of our costume accessories (and we have a lot) work just as well for kids as they do for adults.

Balloon Questions

What types of balloons do you sell?

Party Heaven has a big selection of balloons. If you want balloons that you inflate yourself, we sell packs of standard latex balloons in many colors and also have specialty balloons like twist-n-shape and water balloons. We also sell helium balloons, check below for more information on those.

How do I order helium-filled balloons?

Party Heaven has an on-site helium tank and latex balloons in many colors to make custom bouquets. Let us know how many you want, which colors, and any other special requests – and we fill them up. We also carry a selection of mylar (metallic) balloons – usually with a message on them. If you just need a few, come into the store and we’ll create your arrangement on the spot. If you have a big order (10 or more), please stop by or call 510-540-7914 ahead of time to place the order and make arrangements to pick them up.

Can you make balloon arches or other decorative designs?

Sorry, because of limited space we cannot create these shapes.

Do you deliver balloons?

We do not deliver balloons. We did once joke about using a Corvette to deliver balloons. The idea was…even though the Vette could not hold many balloons, it was so much faster than a delivery van we could make multiple trips in the same time. This plan never came to fruition.

How long will my balloons float?

This is hard to predict and depends on many factors. We recommend you pick up your balloons the same day as your event. Mylar balloons last much longer than latex balloons, you can expect them to remain floating for days.

Do you fill outside balloons?

As we only have one on-site helium tank we limit the sizes of balloons we can fill. Please call 510-540-7914 for rates/pricing for outside balloons.

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