7 Reason Why You Should Play Golf



Golf is a sport that knows no age limits. You may see a toddler playing with a mini-golf club or even a 90-year old practising his swing. The warm sunshine caressing your shoulders while you get ready for a shot, the joy of acing a birdie, or cheering for your friend when he makes an ace – it’s a fun game that can keep you involved for hours. Before going further into the article I would recommend that you checkout golf days out.


It takes a lot of time and effort to create and maintain golf courses. Most of the new golf courses that you see these days have various surrounding natural elements that make them look beautiful. If you see a golf course, you may feel as if you are walking on a lush green meadow with a forest just on the horizon. The fresh air when you go out, together with the pleasant warmth of the sunshine, makes you want to take a golf club and go swinging as soon as possible.


Fitness experts recommend that you choose a sport that you love so that you can stick to it for a long time. If you are a golf lover, you can play golf as a part of your workout regime. It would be better if you forego the cart and start walking to hit your next shot. That would mean walking for quite a long distance. In fact, you may end up walking for at least four miles if you walk a total distance of 18 holes. Most importantly, walking may not feel like a part of your exercise since you already love the sport.


The golf course can become a place where you can make close friends. The camaraderie among golfers usually lasts long, sometimes, even beyond golf courses. If you go to a golf course alone, you may return home with a few friends and end up having dinner with them.

Family bonding

Children love playing with their parents. If you are an avid golfer, you can teach your kids how the basic skills to play the game. It gives you time to bond with your family. If you want your kid to enjoy the sport, take her to the local golf store and buy her clubs that fit comfortably in her hands. Practising golf together can build a strong bond between you and your kids.


Golf is a challenging game. You always try to outdo your previous scores or play better than your friends in the group. 


If you want to make new business contacts, you can start by visiting the golf course. The time you take between two shots is enough to talk about your profession or business proposition. If your fellow golfer also wants good service, he may want to continue with the conversation. Grab that opportunity to strike a business deal that can benefit your company.


Since golf is a slow-moving game, it allows you to introspect after every shot. Although any sport builds character, there is more room to introspect in golf than in any other sport. If you are not playing for a while and get frustrated for not being able to go out, you can use that time to think of what you can do to cope with your life better. Your coping skills may also come in handy in other aspects of your life.

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