Three Digital Trends That Are Helping to Reshape the Media Industry


In this article, I will be analysing the most important technological, ecosystem, and consumer trends that are currently driving innovation within today’s media industry.

1. Demographics

With the global middle class continuing to grow (from 18 billion individuals in …

The World’s Huge Data Centres Can Transition From Energy Hogs To More Efficient Facilities

The internet is powered (supported) by massive data centres that consume significant electricity volumes and generate CO2 emissions at the same level as those of the airline industry. The push for doing better has seen data companies research clean energy …

Energy Hogs: Can World’s Huge Data Centres Be Made More Efficient?

The huge data centres that serve as the driving force for the internet consume a lot of energy and produce as much CO2 as the entire airline industry. To remedy this problem, data organisations have to resort to using green …

Top 5 Advantages Of Using A Help Desk For Your Business

Booming businesses with busy offices can prove cumbersome to maintain. Having such a flourishing business is a pleasure but keeping up with all things that demand attention can be exhausting.

What Are the Advantages of Using A Service Help Desk?