Coronavirus (COVID-19): Let’s keep moving forward


Coronavirus is all everyone can talk about right now. The virus, which has been classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, has led to the issuance of lockdown orders in many countries in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus. Various measures, such as closing down schools as well as economic, have been put in place.

Even though we face an uncertain future here in the UK, we think that this might the best time to carry out those home improvement plans you’ve been thinking about. Undoubtedly, we will eventually get past this health crisis, the same as we did the 2008 financial crisis.

This article takes a look at all the different ways you can begin the process of enhancing the energy efficiency of your home by switching to timber effect windows and double glazing products and how installers can help during these unprecedented times.

Online Quotes

Most companies that deal with double glazing products now offer a quoting tool on their website. By inputting your specifications, the tool allows you to view an online, visual representation of how your windows and doors will look. Given that you will have virtually ‘built’ your window or door, this will allow the installer to provide you with a rough quote.

In normal circumstances, the installer would contact you and schedule an appointment to carry out the measurements. However, given the current situation, having someone visit your home to carry out any type of work might not be such a good idea. Fortunately, you can be able to submit your measurements online through our online double glazing tool. It also allows you to choose from up to three installers and commence the process. All this will be achieved without needing a physical appointment.


It is best to do the measurements yourself to avoid the need for someone coming over to your home to carry out the measurements. We recommend taking as many measurements as you can to submit to your preferred double glazing company. This is how we advise going on about it:

  • Begin by measuring the width of the window at three different points; the top, middle, and bottom.
  • Ensure that you measure from the window jambs instead of the existing window frames.
  • Lastly, submit the smallest measurement among the three to the double glazing company.

Here is how we advise going about measuring the doors:

  • Take measurements of the door’s width from brick to brick at three separate points; the top, middle, and bottom of the opening.
  • Submit the smallest of these measurements as the width, the same as with the windows.
  • Take measurements of the height from brick to brick at three separate points; the right, middle, and left of the opening. Again, submit the smallest of these measurements as the height of the door.
  • The double glazing company will then take on from there. They will advise you where necessary and refine your quote.

In case you suspect that you might not have done the process correctly, don’t hesitate to contact the double glazing installer, who will be able to talk you through the process.

Financing Options

There are various options available when it comes to paying for your double glazing, with a financial package being the most popular method. A majority of our installers provide some form of financing, as they are fully aware that this one-time purchase can often be quite expensive. Thus, it is more economical to spread the cost over an agreed-upon term. If they haven’t provided their financing options online, you should consider giving them a call and asking.

In these unprecedented times, it would be wise to contact them to find out what arrangements can be made in terms of financing. Doing this will help you to spread out the cost, thus minimising the upfront risk and providing more flexibility during this tough patch.

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