Reasons Why It Is Better To Use A Pet Sitter Than A Kennel


We understand how difficult it can be to leave your cats or dogs at home while you go on vacation, and it can break your heart to see their eyes when you leave them at a kennel.

We are trusted and local

What is the first thing that you think of when you are looking for a pet sitting service? “Who are those people?” and “Can I actually trust them to take good care of my cat or dog while I am gone?”. We were unable to find anyone we could really take good care of our pets while we were gone on vacation. We understand how difficult it can be to feel comfortable enough with somebody to leave your cats and dogs with them. You can feel confident that your pets will be well looked after and loved when you leave them with us.

Boarding Can Be Quite a Traumatic Experience for Some Pets

In particular, rescue pets are prone to experience separation anxiety. When they are placed inside a kennel with other animals it can bring memories back of shelter abandonment. For those situations where you cannot take your pet with you, his care should be entrusted to a professional pet sitter. Boarding can also stress out non-rescue pets. If you were trapped inside of a stall with a bunch of barking dogs, there’s a good chance you would freak out as well! And although boarding facilities and kennels promise to provide quality playtime, they do not give your dog as much one-on-one attention as he would want. When you hire a pet sitter, the care of your pet can be provided in your home, and exposure to stress is minimized.
When you have a friend take care of your pet, you never know exactly what you will get.

If your cat is hiding will they make the effort to find her? Will they spend quality time with her? Or will they just toss some food into your cat’s bowl and then watch television for 30 minutes? When a professional sitter is hired, you can discuss how frequently they should visit your house, how long the visits should be, and what you are expecting from them. Along with the basics, (cleaning out the litter box, feeding), a professional sitter will visually inspect your cat for any potential injuries, behavioural red flags, or stress.

Changing Environments Is Hard on Cats and Dogs

Boarding kennels take care of all of your dog’s needs – meals, playtime, bathroom breaks, walks. The only problem is that it is done on their schedule and not your pet’s. Some animals are sensitive to their schedules and crave the consistency of having a regular daily routine. Senior dogs, pets with anxiety, and puppies can all benefit from having a regular routine. Dog Walking Warwickshire cater for all different breeds and needs.

Peace of Mind

You Don’t Want to Have to Worry About Your Pets While You Are Away on Vacation.

When you hire a professional pet sitter, it relieves your friends and family from having to be responsible for your pets. Your co-worker might have assured you that should remember to let your dog out at 4 pm, but will she? Pet sitters are punctual and reliable – their livelihoods depend on it. Although boarding kennels do the job, they do it on their own time and terms.

You receive photos of your pet from each visit.
Even if you choose to have 3 to 4 visits per day, you can be confident that everything is going fine when the pet sitter sends a few photos from every visit to you.

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