Several Ways Travelling Makes Us Happier

We all know deep inside that travelling is good for us. The anticipation of a vacation puts a big smile on our face, long before we actually start packing. This feeling lasts during the trip and even long after that. There are countless benefits to travelling, besides the priceless memories we acquire. Here are the top 8 reasons why travel makes us happy.

1. Travel is a scientifically-proven secret to happiness

According to a study conducted by Cornell University in 2017, purchasing experiences makes us happier than purchasing physical goods. Scientists claim that humans adapt to objects very quickly, so the happiness we feel right after a purchase fades over time, so we appreciate those items less. On the contrary, experiences like sailing up the kinabatangan river keep bringing us joy long after they are gone. Every time we think about them or share our experiences with our peers we feel the same joy as during the travel itself or even more.

2. Travel boosts self-confidence

Marie Claire published a study by that found that 65% of subjects considered travelling aboard enhanced their self-confidence. According to some of the top travel bloggers, travel helps increase self-confidence because it provides lots of opportunities to excel on your own, without pressure from others.

3. Travel enables us to know ourselves better

Travelling, particularly solo travel, is the perfect opportunity to reveal our own limits and expand our horizons. Whenever we travel to new places, we have a chance to reconnect with our inner self, and to assess our priorities and our wishes, without any exterior influence. We can explore both the world and our inner universe at the same time. The point is that our inner journey is as important as the physical travel.

4. Globetrotters are more flexible

Many employers ask their future employees to be able to adapt to any situation. Travellers can use their experience at their job. Many business owners and managers perceive travellers as brave and flexible.

5. Travel makes us more open-minded

While travelling, we have the opportunity to acknowledge cultural differences that actually shape the world as it is now. We find it easier to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and gain a better understanding of their way of things and of their cultural heritage, values and ideas. In time, this exposure to foreign cultures can make us stronger and help us cope with unexpected issues in our lives.

6. Travel allows us see things in a new light

Travel can help us take a step back and perceive our reality from a different angle. This has nothing to do with running away from your problems, but rather taking a break in order to deal with your problems. This confrontation with other realities can help us assess our priorities and maybe reorder them.

7. Vacations keep us healthy and youthful

Travelling helps us preserve our health and our sanity. There are studies that show regular travellers are less likely to develop heart disease than people who travel only occasionally. Also, they are less prone to developing depression and anxiety.

8. Travel induces a zen-like feeling

According to a study by the Global Commission on Ageing and the Transamerica Centre for Retirement Studies and the U.S. Travel Association, after one or two days of travelling, almost 90% of travellers notice a steep decrease in their stress levels. The difficult part is to hold on to this mindset once the vacation is over and you get back home to your mundane worries.