The Powerful Psychology Behind Cleanliness

Why do you think a highly organised tableau is so utterly satisfying to individuals? What is it that makes people spend hours sifting through blogs and Pinterest for the most up to date information on colour coding a filing cabinet or finding the most efficient way to arrange a closet?

The Positive Psychological Benefits Behind Organisation

Research has shown that keeping things neat and organised can benefit your overall mental and physical health.

Nicole R. Keith, Ph.D., a professor at Indiana University, studied the effects of a clean house versus that of a dirty house on a number of people, and found that those living in a clean house are healthier and happier, even when a deep clean corona is needed. Keith and her team studied 998 African Americans that were between the ages of 49 and 65, a key demographic of those at a higher risk of heart disease. Individuals who take care in the cleanliness of their homes were healthier than those who did not. Additionally, the overall cleanliness of a home was a major indicator for an individual’s physical health as opposed to simply walking.

Why Is It Difficult to Stay Organised?


One of the problems with life is the fact that we simply pick things up that we like, whether we need them or not. You may walk around your home and see all types of beginning hobbies that never came to fruition. How about all of those must have small kitchen appliances or stacks of newspapers in the closet? All of these types of objects take up space that could be utilised in a much better way.

The solution to this problem is a difficult one, but it is also very easy, you simply need to remove clutter from your life. You need to take an afternoon and either donate or toss as much useless clutter in your home. If there are things that have a special connection, but you really no longer need it, simply take a picture so you can always revisit it. You may also be able to gain enough space by cleaning out the house to keep a few special items.

Too Little Time

Let’s be honest, it takes a considerable amount of time to organise just one room, let alone an entire house. When we are faced with that type of task, we all feel like giving up before we even begin. How is it possible to deal with work, family and friends while you are spending all of your extra time with cleaning chores. Believe it or not when you live in an unorganised home you are going to have considerably less free time. It is truly a vicious cycle.

The solution to this problem is taking it one step at a time. Start out small focusing on only 30 minutes per day cleaning and organising. If you find your schedule is too busy, begin with 15 minutes. And if that is too much, settle for 10 minutes a day. The important thing is simply making the effort on a daily basis.

Organisation Is Nice

You may have forgotten just how satisfying it is to come home to a clean home. However, once your home is fully clean it is rather easy to slide into dirty habits. How easy is it to drop your clothes on the floor or not clean the dishes after dinner? Or you find that one collectible you just had to have and squeeze it onto an already crowded shelf. Within no time at all, your home will become a disorganised mess.

The best solution for this worry is to keep educating yourself. Check out blogs that deal with de-cluttering your life. Remember the fact that the cleaner and more organised your home is the healthier and happier you will be. Take the time to clean your home, you will reap countless rewards.