Top 3 Floor Plan Benefits


The fact is that floor plans are really not needed when it comes to selling property, but neither are property photography services or property descriptions. Think about it… how many listings have you seen without them? Floor plans are attention-grabbing and assist in simplifying the decision-making process of the buyer. To put it differently, floor plans are just as fundamental as quality photos, and here are a few reasons why:

1. Floor Plans Assist Buyers to Envisage Properties Better Than Photos

Research done by Rightmove suggests that more than one-third of buyers are less inclined to ask about a property if a floor plan is not featured. One-fifth will completely ignore the property listing.

Floor plans assist to show prospective buyers details that are hard to get across using mere photos and descriptions, like storage space, windows, and measurements. They are also better at highlighting distinctive features for selling like knock-throughs or extensions .

To showcase the property in the best possible light, high-quality photos are essential. Wide-angle shots score better with buyers, but there are some that feel they are misleading when it comes to representing the space accurately.

You’ve probably heard of viewings where buyers ended up getting disappointed because the property did not meet the expectations from the photos. You can avoid that from happening with floor plans since they will give buyers and tenants a better view of the property before they even step through the door.

House hunters can also use floor plans in conjunction with the photos to better understand the layout and space of the property. They display how rooms interconnect with each other and how space flows across the property. This way, there won’t be any surprises when the time for viewing the property comes.

With regard to successful photos and viewings, estate agents are solely at the mercy of inhabitants occupying the property. Untidy and cluttered rooms tend to look smaller compared to how they actually are. A clean floor plan assists in showing the potential and actual size of every room.

According to the survey conducted by Rightmove, buyers want floorplans showcasing the layout of rooms and how rooms correspond in relation to the rest of the property. But what buyers consider to be more important when it comes to floor plans is the dimensions of the rooms.

Floor plans showing window and door placements, as well as room measurements, enable prospective buyers to visualise where their furniture will be positioned, and how they would best utilise the space. They may even envisage the decorating to include or what alterations they would make to better meet their preferences.

When prospective buyers begin to plan the move mentally, an emotional attachment is formed, and the decision to pull the trigger on the purchase is never far off.

2. Floor Plans Make Properties Memorable Later

Assisting prospective buyers to envisage the property’s potential before and during the viewing is one thing, but have you thought about when they go home? During the viewing, you may be getting positive vibes, but upon following it up with a phone call, they ask, “what property?” which isn’t a good sign.

You should bear in mind that house hunters view several properties at once so it’s not surprising that features of various houses can get jumbled up in their heads after a long day of looking at multiple properties. Incorporating a floor plan in materials and listings assists it to make an impression that sticks in their minds.

To make the property you’re selling that much easier to remember, use all its nuances and a visual of the layout.

3. A Floor Plan Will Make You Appear More Professional

If the competition is using floor plans, you need to be doing the same. But if it’s not a practice they are doing, floor plans can provide you with a massive market advantage when it comes to reeling in prospective buyers. What’s more, it will make you look more professional.














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