What Shapewear Will Be Like in the Future

Women have used shapewear to improve the look of their bodies for many years. Every generation dictates the type of shapewear used according to the particular desired body shape. So, as you can tell, every era determines shapewear’s evolution and its overall demand. Even Ancient Minoans used particular cloths to wrap around their waists to create the desired silhouette. Then in the Victorian times, corsets were created and in the 50’s there were girdles, followed by Spanx.

The question now is how will shapewear look like in the future. We will now look at our predictions.

In most cases, shapewear, like that sold by Elle Courbee, is made out of lycra and nylon which are synthetic fabrics which are not breathable. As a result, you would be quite uncomfortable wearing this type of shapewear in warm weather or a hot climate. Due to this, there are much lighter types of shapewear that use both microfibre and cotton to provide comfort, odour control as well as to wick away sweat and moisture. As a result, we believe that even better materials will be used in the future so that there is much less sweating and overall discomfort.

Social Media Influencers Determine the Ideal Shape

The perception of what constitutes the ideal shape of the human body is largely influenced by fashion and art. However, in more recent times, celebrities and social media celebrities have a much greater impact. Basically, the images that we see on the television, on social media, Instagram etc impact what we believe to be the best body shape. For example, curvy body shapes are seen as more desirable due to the Kardashians. Skims is a brand by Kim Kardashian which actually shows and promotes the ideal body shape, which is of course, her own.

In order to see the future trends, all you need to do is pay attention to celebrities and what they are advertising. Nowadays, celebrities show that having a curvy butt along with a small bust and small waist is what is desirable and the perfect body shape. However, this can change at any moment.

Shapewear has evolved a great deal and it works by promoting curves on certain areas of the body and cinching in areas where you want to look smaller. Shapewear in recent times is more in favour of curvaceous bodies and this trend will likely continue.

Shapewear Isn’t Only for the Girls!

Now there is shapewear that is also made for men. Men also have to deal with what is perceived as the model male body.

Body Shaping Fabric is Getting More Popular

There is now body shaping fabric or tape that is actually placed on areas where you want to have some support. Now, even though this is new, we don’t see it completely replacing shapewear. You can place it under your breasts, to contour your butt etc.

A Bright Future

Shapewear will certainly continue to evolve, change and be around for many more years to come. As a matter of fact, this market size is currently $2.26 billion and this is projected to grow by 7.7% every year until 2025. So, by 2025, this market will be worth a shocking $3.81 billion. The pandemic won’t affect this trend and shapewear is one particular trend that will certainly stay. As a matter of fact, in the future, we expect to see many new fabrics and types of shapewear that are significantly better than what is available today.

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