Big News: April 1, 2015. Party Heaven Now Has a delivery service!
This is not a joke.*

With 650 horsepower, our 2015 Chevrolet Corvette is the fastest delivery vehicle in party store history.Who said a lumbering van is the best means for delivering items? While the ‘Vette may not have as much cargo space, we can make 2-3 trips in the time it takes an average van to back out of its parking spot.


And the 2015 Corvette is not just fast in a straight line – it has over 600 lb/ft of torque and can generate more than 1-g laterally while going around corners. That means for you, the customer, we can deliver at the speed of burning rubber even if you live way up in the hills or in tight, narrow city streets.


If you see the Party Heaven delivery Corvette, feel free to wave or take a picture, but by all means please get out of the way so we can open up the pipes and burn some asphalt! Remember, don’t text and drive!


Party Heaven will be closed on Sunday April 5th.

Also, Check Out Our Expanded Party Area, featuring our biggest ever selection of party items.
It’s our spring collection.


Welcome to the jungle we got what you need!


” We are made of star stuff ”


Practical party Items – raffle tickets, tablecloths, sashes (just like the the beauty queens wear), super-sized inflatable balloon banners, and, of course, tiaras.


Grab a couple cans of spam, and it’s time to Luau!


Party Time, shake those maracas.


* This is a joke.

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